Click photo for the newest episode

Click photo for the newest episode

An A Bowl Of original web series

After a deadly, worldwide, pandemic; a group of survivors take refuge in an abandoned theater. This original web series from A Bowl Of is a document of their lives as they adjust to their new reality and the challenges and dangers that come with it.  

The survivor chronicles was an experimental project with an unconventional shooting approach. The series was shot in one day with minimal story direction. We relied heavily on the cast and crew to improvise and adapt to drive the story. We're excited with the finished result, and hope you like it too. 

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New episodes air every Sunday at 8pm Eastern time.

Full Credits:

Directed by: 
Eusevio Cordoba   

Story by:
Eusevio Cordoba 


Aaron Dionne
Aaron Lugo
Adi Mullen
Ariana Lopez
Benjahmin Johnson
Benjamin Lopez
Benny Cheng
Brielle Mussomeli
Bryan Stanton
Celia Tedde
Chris Cortez
Christian Smith
Daniel Heath
Danielle van Orden
Darlene Harston
Eusevio Cordoba
Haile Cirahe
Haylee Dietz
Hunter Delgado
Joey Molina
Jordan Dietz
Jose Carlos Lopez
Kayla Garvais
Kennet Moellenberndt
Larry Cannon
Lauren Enriquez
Leopold Harston
Mona Andrade
Nicola Lane Moore
Pedro Cordoba
Raechele Hans
Ramon Duenas
Sheena Daly
Shelby Schumacher
Taylor Richardson
Vicki Cordoba
Zachary Dietz

Music by:
BJ Jezbera

Cinematography by 
Aaron Dionne    

Edited by: 
Eusevio Cordoba

Production Manager:
Catie Guerin    Production Manager 

Camera and Electrical Department 
Aaron Dionne         Camera operator
Kevin Patterson        additional photography / camera operator 

Editorial Department 
Aaron Dionne        Assistant Editor