2016 Top 35(+7) A Bowl Of Male Celebrities

The Official List

The draft is complete. You can watch or re-watch the insanity that was our draft process through the convenient links in this next sentence. Picks 1-7 were the first round, 8-14 were the second, 15-21 were the third, 22-28 were the fourth, and 29-35 completed the draft with the fifth round. Wondering who some of those sexy names picked in the draft were? Well, we stalked...I mean googled them for you. So if you're curious, feel free to click on the names below. And now, without further ado, here is the Official 2016 A Bowl Of Top 35(+7) Celebrity Men list:


  1. Dwayne Johnson
  2. Steven Yeun
  3. Sam Heughan
  4. Shemar Moore
  5. Patrick Park
  6. Jason Momoa
  7. Charlie Hunnam
  8. Channing Tatum
  9. Chris Hemsworth
  10. Jared Leto
  11. Joe Manganiello
  12. Michael Fassbender
  13. Chris Pratt
  14. Theo James
  15. Cam Gigandet
  16. James Franco
  17. Ryan Reynolds
  18. Taye Diggs
  19. Enrique Iglesias
  20. Henry Cavill
  21. Cristiano Ronaldo
  22. Vin Diesel
  23. Hugh Jackman
  24. Eddie Cibrian
  25. Jesse Williams
  26. Scott Eastwood
  27. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  28. Taylor Kinney
  29. Alex Pettyfer
  30. Chris Pine
  31. Idris Elba
  32. Wilmer Valderrama
  33. Adam Levine
  34. David Gandy
  35. Kellan Lutz

And the WILDCARD +7

  1. Larry Flynt
  2. Ashton Kutcher
  3. Zach Galifianakis
  4. Peter Dinklage
  5. Jack Black
  6. William H. Macy
  7. Jonah Hill

You may be wondering about those last 7 names, why is there a +7? That my friends, is the Wildcard Round, and this year's Wildcard selections lived up to the name, with the first ever live panel pick after Camille wrote in two different dead celebrities. So there you go. The definitive hot list for 2016. These are, without a doubt, the 35(+7) hottest dicks in the world for 2016. There is no arguing. However, the girls did argue about who among them had the best list. So the question is, who did have the best list? Here is each individual Top 5(+1) list:

And now we ask you, who had the best list? Who do you think won the 2016 Male Celebrity draft? Comment below or tweet your favorites to @abowlof with #2016F5D. Thanks for watching and see you at the next Fantasy 5 Draft!

Round 1

2016 Fantasy 5 Draft - Male Celebrity Edition

Another year of picks starts here. So much trash talk, so many delicious picks.