2015 Top 25(+5) Male Celebrities

The draft is finished! You can re-watch these ladies get wet over their picks in any of the rounds. Picks 1-5 in the first round, 6-10 in the second, 11-15 in the third, 16-20 in the fourth and finally picks 21-25 in the fifth round. Don’t know who many of these sexy men are? No worries, we took all the hard work out of Googling them and gave you direct access to their assets. So go ahead and browse through the picks as you shop for your favorite hunk. Can we get a clean up in aisle 5 Fantasy Male Draft?


1.     Channing Tatum      

2.     Milo Ventimiglia

3.     Eminem

4.     Boris Kodjoe

5.     Joe Manganiello

6.     Taye Diggs

7.     Shemar Moore

8.     Jack White

9.     Hugh Jackman

10.  Matt Bomer

11.  Matthew McConaughey

12.  Orlando Bloom

13.  Charlie Hunnam

14.  Vin Diesel

15.   Adam Rodriguez

16.  Chris Pine

17.  Justin Timberlake

18.  Mark Wahlberg

19.  Jared Leto

20.  Eric Dane

21.  Derek Hough

22.  Johnny Depp

23.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt

24.  Cristiano Ronaldo

25.  Max Greenfield


Can't forget about our Wildcard Round! The round that allows these ladies to pick and extra sexy (not so sexy) man. 

Wildcard Picks

26. Nick Jonas

27. Ron Jeremy

28. Marilyn Manson

29. Justin Bieber

30. Dick Van Dyke


So who do you think got the best pieces of meat this year? Are you Team Patty? Team Sunflower? Team Barbara? Team Camille? Or Team Rose? Let us know down below. 


Patty’s Meat

1.     Channing Tatum

2.     Matt Bomer

3.     Matthew McConaughey

4.     Eric Dane

5.     Derek Hough

6.     Dick Van Dyke


Sunflower’s Meat

1.     Milo Ventimiglia

2.     Hugh Jackman

3.     Orlando Bloom

4.     Jared Leto

5.     Johnny Depp

6.     Justin Bieber


Barbara’s Meat

1.     Eminem

2.     Jack White

3.     Charlie Hunnam

4.     Mark Wahlberg

5.     Joseph Gordon-Levitt

6.     Marilyn Manson


Camille’s Meat

1.     Boris Kodjoe

2.     ShemarMoore

3.     Vin Diesel

4.     Justin Timberlake

5.     Cristiano Ronaldo

6.     Ron Jeremy


Rose’s Meat

1.     Joe Manganiello

2.     Taye Diggs

3.     Adam Rodriguez

4.   Chris Pine

5.     Max Greenfield

6.     Nick Jonas