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Click photo for newest episode

An A Bowl Of original web event

WARNING! This series is intended for mature audiences only. Contains offensive material, and should not be viewed, by anyone. 

We're not sexist here at A Bowl Of, if we are going to pick the hottest female celebrities for the year, we're not going to disappoint all you penis enthusiasts out there! We gathered an expert panel to call official dibs on their favorite male celebrities. The alcohol is flowing, and there's no telling what might happen. All we do know, is at the end we have the A Bowl Of Top 25 (+5) Hot Male Celebrity List for 2015. How we get there is a hell of a hot mess though. Enjoy!

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New episodes release on Man Crush Mondays at 9am Pacific.

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Alcohol is responsible for mostly everything you see here. Hurray Vodka!


Click photo above for the start of the 2014 Draft

Click photo above for the start of the 2014 Draft

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