2014 Official Top 35(+7) List

The draft is complete. You can watch or re-watch the insanity that was our draft process through the convenient links in this next sentence. Picks 1-7 were the first round, 8-14 were the second, 15-21 were the third, 22-28 were the fourth, and 29-35 completed the draft with the fifth round. Wondering who some of those names picked in the draft were? Mostly just Tarnel's? Well, we googled them for you. So if you're curious, feel free to click on the names below. And now, without further ado, here is the official 2014 A Bowl Of Top 35 Celebrity Women(Plus Seven) list:

  1. Scarlett Johansson

  2. Jennifer Love Hewitt

  3. Jennifer Lawrence

  4. Kate Upton

  5. Kate Beckinsale

  6. Mila Kunis

  7. Olivia Munn

  8. Jessica Alba

  9. Olivia Wilde

  10. Jessica Biel

  11. Beyonce

  12. Emma Stone

  13. Kaley Cuoco

  14. Rashida Jones

  15. Jesikah Maximus

  16. Hayden Panettiere

  17. Sarah Hyland

  18. Sofia Vergara

  19. Marjorie De Sousa

  20. Emma Watson

  21. Nadine Velazquez

  22. Emily Ratajkowski

  23. Jennifer Morrison

  24. Marisa Miller

  25. Joanna Krupa

  26. Chloe Bennet

  27. Alyson Hannigan

  28. Cyn Santana

  29. Essence Atkins

  30. Felicia Day

  31. Kristin Kreuk

  32. Jenna Jameson

  33. Maribel Guardia

  34. Brenda Song

  35. Janina Gavankar

And then the plus seven. Honorable mentions, if you will.

  1. Jenna-Louise Coleman
  2. Summer Glau
  3. Demi Moore
  4. Linda Cardellini
  5. Angela Lansbury
  6. Bea Arthur
  7. Prince

Well, um... wow. Prince. How did that happen? So there you go. The definitive hot list for 2014. These are, without a doubt, the 35 hottest chicks in the world for 2014(plus seven). There is no arguing. However, the guys did argue about who among them had the best list. So the question is, who did have the best list? Here is each individual Top 5(+1) list:

So, we leave the debate to you. Feel free to comment below and let us know who you think "won" the draft. We look forward to hearing from you, and until the next draft, this is Rod Johnson, signing off.